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Collecting Old Defect Electronic Equipment

Industrial maintenance – Maintenance Repairs Operations

In order to ensure the proper functioning of your electronic equipments, we take care of industrial electronic maintenance (maintenance operation, fixing and revision).

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance of you industrial equipments is a big advantage for your production continuity.

Better is your maintenance actions better your production will be durable.

The objective of the preventive maintenance is to identify possible failures and to establish an prevention plan of these risks. One solution is to supply spare parts.

And sadly when risks prevention was not efficient, we should make :

Curative maintenance

A failure on a production line is never easy to manage and the person who is in charge of the proper functionning of the electronic systems is under the pressure.

For each failure, we should analyse the problem first.

When the problem come from a +++ failure, you can exchange industrial modules in order to identify which one is creating the problem (that suppose to have a lot of spare parts for preventive maintenance).

When it ccomes to a random failure, it is more complicated to locate tha failure.

Once the failure is clearly identified, you should fix your your production line or your industrial equipment.

There are several possibilities :

The exchange with a functional part (contact us for asking the reference of your part). It is the faster solution for many equipment (just one travel).

It is often possible to make a standard exchange with your defect part (after you fixed your equipment of course) for a lower price than supply.

Fix your electronic part or defective automation part :

It requires to dismantle your instalaltion, then analyse and expertise quote/order and to finish repair with a possible delay due to supply defective components and time extension.