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Source and supply obsolete industrial board

We regurlary supply old and obsolete industrial electronic boards and computer boards.

We supply these cards in order to make a security stock of spare parts or for maintenance of your equipments.

We developed searching tools especially for this type of electronic boards.

You should just send us the complete reference of the board and pictures and we will send you a complete quote.

Manufacturers : National Instruments, Applicom, Motorola, NDC...

These electronic cards come from production chain dismantling and are always warranted by our suppliers.

Advantages of obsolete industrial cards sourcing

It is possible to reduce and minimise breakdowns and reduce costs (compared to new solutions given by manufacturers or providers).

Moreover, source and supply this electronic equipment will extend the life of your systems.

Example of indstrial cards supplied :

Communication cards

Acquisition cards

Video card


CPU board

These electronic boards come from dismantling production unit and are warranted by suppliers.

We are used to provide :






Needs in industrial obsolete or computer boards

You are into food-processing industry, phamaceutical or cosmetics industry, oil industry... transport sector, army, farming, building, public utility, manufacturing, business...

You already have experienced obsolescence problems which cause many breakdown and production shutdowns.

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