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Obsolete or hard to find electronic components

Search and sale of obsolete electronic components

The distributor of the component on your board just tell you it is end of life or its production will be stopped soon. Here we are : you component is obsolete now...

Several solutions to offset the problem of obsolecence exist :

We developed an obsolete component sourcing serve in order to propose solutions for the supply of these components. We also can do all research of equivalences for you.

For big quantities or just 1 or 2 unit, we can help !

Of course, this option cannot last in time, it is a transition phase. You can repair the electronic aquipment or satisfy your customer without breakdown before to think to redesign the product.

Supplied components come from overstocks or unsold products of manufacturers, subcontractors or dealers.

Advantages of obsolete electronic component supply or equivalence research

Your production is stopped or threatened to be suspended for an indefinite period.

Thanks to obsolete component searching, it is possible to reduce this breakdown and it is now possible to extend your electronic equipment operating life.

The supply of obsolete electronic components and replacement of them permit to reduce the cost compared to a complete new design of the system.

Needs obsolete components

You are into food-processing industry, phamaceutical or cosmetics industry, oil industry... transport sector, army, farming, building, public utility, manufacturing, business...

You already have experienced obsolescence difficulties which cause many breakdown and production shutdowns.

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