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We find and supply obsolete spare part, especially automaion parts. We regularly provide : CPU, power-supply, inputs card, outputs card, HMI, terminal operator, drive …

We stock and source hard to find or obsolete part but we can also provide material still distribute by manufacturers. Prices and delays are minimised.

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Stock of automation parts available now

To minimise shutdows and to be able to give a fast response, we developed a large stock of automation spare parts available at any times. We stock mainly these brands : Telemecanique/Schneider, Siemens, Omron, April, Allen Bradley …

Souce obsolete and hard to find spare parts

We offer automation hard to find or obsolete sourcing. Thanks to particular tools and a big internaional supplier network, we can find for you all automation parts you need.

Sales of automation parts

Automation parts are available in supply (refurbished or new) and in standard exchange.

Refurbished supply

Used parts are fully tested, reconditioned and warranted. Used equipment come from dismantled machine or are purchased on the second hand market. A technician makes all tests and material is fully cleaned, some component are changed. This reconditioned used equipment is always provided with a warranty (from 6 month to 1 year).

New supply

Sometimes, you absolutely need new equipment. We also have lots of new in box material.

Standard exchange

It is a very good way to replace your defective automation cause it is faster and cheaper.

We send immediately a functional equipment, you can repair and stop breakdown and then you can ship to us you defective part.

Repair of your automation equipment

You can send us your defective automation parts for diagnosis, and if the repair is possible, we will send a quote as soon as possible.

Express delivery of you automation spare parts

When you got a breakdown, our priority is to send material very quickly. We offer express delivery to minimise downtime.