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Automation Electronic spares parts

Spare parts are intended for preventive maintenance. It is a surplus of maintenance parts (machanical, electronic or automation).

Spare parts needs

You are industrial, person in charge of mainteance, responsive for production and you wnt to perpetuate your electronique systems and production lines. You should have needs for spare parts regularly obsolete.

For the preventive or curative maintenance of your production lines, you stocked some parts in order to repair machanical, electronic, automation equipement.

But when you spare inventory is insufficient... Complete breakdown, shutdown. Every industrial fears electronic failure. But it happens everyday, all around the world into lots of companies.

Solution for sourcing electronic or auomation spares

Should we have spare parts into our stock or should we wait for a failure into electrical cabinet ? This is a good question and every production responsible should think about his maintenance policy.

Every strategy has advantages and inconveniences. For example, an industrial make spare stock for critical and hard to find references and less or no stock for not critical parts. The problem is when these spare parts become obsolete or hard to find.

For automation and electronics, lots of products series disappear from catalogues after few years. But it is too fast compared to the time life of prodction lines. We talk about obsolescence.

We know these problems and we will find a solution for you.

Where find spare for your stock of maintenance :


Net Projets company has developed some tools to remedy obsolescence problems. The supply of spare is our main activity. We cannot find all electronic references but we try to share sources and we made our tools available to you. Moreover we identify more critical products and we stock them. Breakdown ? We can ship immediately.

All products are warranted.

Search electronic/automation spare parts

Net Projets company is specialized in search and supplyof hard to find or obsolete parts.

Lots of maintenance office asked us :

automation (Telemecanique, Siemens, Omron...), industrial board (Applicom, National Instruments, PCI, ISA, VME, XVME...), electronic components, specific parts...

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